How to Play?

1- Choose A Game

Choose one of our games, in which you will embody a fictional character. Play and explore the city.

2- Build your Team

Go on an adventure solo or as a team (We recommend up to 5 players per team). Split large groups into several teams to play against the clock.
Build your Team:

3- Book the game

Register online. We offer great flexibility. After purchase, you will be able to play whenever you want, add or modify players, or get a full refund if you are not satisfied.

4- Launch the Adventure

Whenever you’re ready, go to the starting point and launch your game from the activation email. The adventure will start and you’ll receive messages from a narrator.

5- During the Adventure

You will receive clues to decipher and riddles to solve. When you think you have the right answer, send it in. If it is correct, you will move on to the next step. Are you stuck on a puzzle? Send HINT to receive one.

6- After the adventure?

From your configuration page, you will be able to see the performance of all the players in your group!

Do you have questions ?