Adventure City Games


«This was a really fun activity! We learned alot about our city and enjoyed exploring it through the clues given. A great way to spend a couple of hours.»
▬ Ellen K.
«This was amazing!! We kept saying “it’s like we’re on The Amazing Race!” as we were a speeding down location-to-location. We’d definitely recommend this to other friends and family.»
▬ Charlie F.
«Had a lot of fun! I would like to play again, I’ll try the miles end one for sure.»
▬ Marilyn M.
«So much fun!!! Can’t wait to do the other ones too!!!»
▬ Dimitra D.

Organize your event

1. Choose a game and buy tickets for your team

The tickets can be activated within 12 months.
Select your city:
Montreal Toronto Quebec Ottawa

2. Configure the players

Username, email address, mobile number and language (French ou English)

3. Go to the starting point whenever you want and start the game

All information will be sent by email to each player after configuration

4. Play in the city. How it works:

The adventure begins. Players receive instructions from the narrator on their phone.
Explore the city in a story-based game.
Challenge yourself by deciphering the clues and solving the riddles to get to the next step.
Observe the elements that surround you (facades of monuments, sculptures, signs, inscriptions...).
Collaborate with your team.
Get hints if you get stuck.
Discover the city in a fun way
Most of our scenarios are based on historical facts.
Solve the final puzzle
Unlock the mystery behind your adventure..

5. End of the game

Once the game is over, you will be able to see the performance of all the players in your team by logging into your configuration page!

Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Adventure City Games ideal for a team building activity?

We offer a unique outdoor activity that brings your team together in a fun and entertaining experience, and allows you to discover the city and its secrets.

Our games are self-service. You will be fully autonomous to organize your team building activity with your personal dashboard. On top of that, we offer a very competitive price for a team building activity!

Do I have to book the team building activity a long time in advance?

No need to book your activity in advance. Once you have purchased your tickets, you have 12 months to plan your event and launch the game whenever you want 24/7. Last minute hiccups? No problem. You can reschedule your event to a better time at no extra cost. Additional participants can be added post-purchase. Less stress in the organization, more fun!

Does each player have to play with their own phone?

Yes, this is the most optimal and secure way to play.

Are the games played as a team or individually?

Players play on their own phones, but the best way to play is in small groups and be collaborative.

What is the ideal number of players per team?

We recommend playing in teams of 3-8 players. Small teams encourage interaction and participation from all players. Split large groups into smaller teams and have delayed starts (e.g. every 10 minutes) or play different scenarios in parallel. Multiple teams can play against the clock at the same time or at different times on the same scenario.

How long does a game last?

In a team building activity, we estimate that a game lasts on average between 55 minutes and 1 hour and 45 minutes. It’s common that players regroup and spend time together after the game to share their experience. This time is not taken into consideration in our estimate.

Do you offer group pricing?

Yes, the regular price is $16 +tx per player and we offer a 15% discount for 10 or more players. To get the deal, you just need to enter the promotional code TEAM15 on the checkout page at the time of purchase.

Do I need a phone plan with Internet data to play?

Yes, our games use Internet data to make them more interactive. Players will also receive email messages and possibly phone calls.

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