Team Building

Take your team-building activity in the streets of your city. Your team will have to solve riddles 🔎 in a treasure hunt / guided walk / outdoor escape game type experience 😁

Sign up for any of our games to build social ties and invigorate team synergy.

Our games are played on a cell phone and are offered in French or English. No application installation is required.

It's very simple to get started:

Choose a game and the number of participants

Once purchased, schedule your event at any time up to 12 months from purchase date. Additional participants can be added post-purchase.

Organize your event and configure your teams

An email to configure your team(s) will be sent. Enter each player's info (username, email, mobile number). Each player will receive an activation email with a link to start the game.

Multiple teams can play against the clock at the same time or at different times on the same scenario. It's up to you.
Screenshot of a configuration page

On the day of the event

  • All players must be at the starting point before launching the game via link.
  • Once game is activated, players will start receiving texts from our narrator
  • They will have to decipher clues and solve puzzles
  • Participants will have to collaborate and send the answer when they think they have found it
  • In order to move to the next location, players must answer correctly. If stuck, players can ask for clues

Once the game is finished, log-in to the dashboard to track players performances!

Are you ready for a unique team building experience?
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Why is Adventure City Games ideal for a team building activity?

We offer a unique outdoor activity that brings your team together in a fun and entertaining experience, and allows you to discover the city and its secrets.

A setback? You can reschedule your activity at no extra cost and at will for 12 months. Since our games are self-service, we offer a very competitive price for a team building activity.

Can we play Adventure City Games while there are measures in effect related to COVID-19?

Yes, the vaccination passport is not required. Our games are available at all times because they are played exclusively outdoors in the streets on your cell phone. You will not be asked to enter buildings or interact with individuals. In the case you play as a group, participants can keep the recommended distance by health authorities.

Do I have to book the team building activity a long time in advance?

No need to book your activity in advance. Once you have purchased the game(s), you have 12 months to plan your event and launch the game at any time. Last minute hiccups? No problem. You can reschedule your event to a better time at no extra cost. Less stress in the organization, more fun!

Does each player have to play with their own phone?

Yes, this is the most optimal and secure way to play.

Are the games played as a team or individually?

Players play on their own phones, but the best way to play is in small groups and be collaborative.

What is the ideal number of players per team?

We recommend playing in teams of 3-6 players. Small teams encourage interaction and participation from all players. Split large groups into smaller teams and have delayed starts (e.g. every 10 minutes) or play different scenarios in parallel. Multiple teams can play against the clock at the same time or at different times on the same scenario.

How long does a game last?

In a team building activity, we estimate that a game lasts on average between 55 minutes and 1 hour and 45 minutes. It’s common that players regroup and spend time together after the game to share their experience. This time is not taken into consideration in our estimate.

Do you offer group pricing?

Yes, Adventure City Games offers a 15% discount for 10 or more players. To get the deal, you just need to enter the promotional code TEAM15 on the checkout page at the time of purchase.

Do I need a phone plan with Internet data to play?

Yes, our games use Internet data to make them more interactive. Players will also receive email messages and possibly phone calls.