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Panic in Old Toronto

Distance : 2.5 KM
Average time : 55min-2h30

81% of success rate

This adventure takes place in the core of one of Canada's largest cities: Toronto. You must track down a hacker hiding in Old Toronto to save the country's economy. Time is running out, so hurry up and beware of everything! Every little detail matters!

👉 After purchase you will still be able to add players and you can play when you want.
✅ Valid within the next 12 months.

«This was so much fun! My friend & I were looking for something to do to kill time. We had an absolute blast!»
▬ Laura W.
«Great family activity!!! Thank you so much for this adventure! We walk around, discover our neighborhoods, have fun doing the riddles!»
▬ Marianne R
«It was a fun time walking with a different look on the Plateau. Loved it!»
▬ Gaelle D.
«Totally doable with kids! A lot of fun!»
▬ Maria J.


The Toronto Stock Exchange has been massively hacked and is now being controlled by group of hackers who call themselves the "Black Masks". Their objective is very clear, to embezzle large sums of money before they are detected. The country's economy is at risk!


You have been chosen for a very important mission. Several scandals have been leaked concerning a hacker now pacifist named "0xsen". This hacker, former member of the "Black Masks" group, is hiding in Old Toronto to protect his identity. He will be communicating with you through a secure messaging system so you can help him stop the hacking of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Your mission: Gain his trust and help him in his fight. You will have to act as fast as possible and in complete discretion!


Starting point:
Bike Share Toronto, Union Station, Toronto, ON M5J 1E6
Finish point:
Dundas St E, Toronto, ON

Help & Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does it work?

It's very simple. Upon purchase of any of our games, you can play when you want within the next 12 months. When you are ready to play, go to the starting point and launch your game with the link in the activation email. Then wait for the email instructions and the rest is a surprise.

2) Do I need to install a mobile app to play our games?

No, there is no app to install. We send each player an activation email that will instruct you on how to launch a game.

3) How many players can play together in the same game?

The more the merrier! Here are our recommendations: Play up to a maximum of 8 people simultaneously. For groups larger than 8, you could break into smaller groups with departures every 10-15 minutes. Raise the stakes and play against each other against the clock :D

4) Can we play without a cell phone?

No, your cell phone will be your best ally in answering puzzles. It will also be necessary to answer the riddles through our web application, check your e-mails, access the Internet or even answer a call...

5) Do we need to reserve a time to play?

No, this is one of our advantages. You don't need to book a time to play. After purchasing a game, you will have 12 months to launch your adventure whenever you want. You can play any day of the week and at any time of the day. However, we recommend playing before nightfall as some puzzles require you to read signs and observe the facades of buildings...